CO 2 BL 40/240-18.5/2/SK-FFS-R

Dimensions mm
H0 1845
H1 358
H2 692
L1 1054
L6 600
L7 1054
P0 1590
P5 1365
Fire-extinguishing system installation
CO 2 BL 40/240-18.5/2/SK-FFS-R

Estimated parameters
Pumped fluid water 100%
Fluid temperature 20 °C
Density 998.3 kg/m3
Kinematic viscosity 1 mm2/s
Product data
Control SK-FFS/2-18(40A)/J-10A/V-3~1,0A
Number of working pumps 1
Limit switches yes
Max. inlet pressure, Bar 10
Max. operating pressure, Bar 16
Fluid temperature 2…40 °C
Max. ambient temperature 40 °C
Protection class system IP54
Protection class of switchgear IP54
Diaphragm pressure vessel no
Dry run protection no
Motordata per Motor/Pump
Motor efficiency level IE2
Mains connection 3~400/50 Hz
Permitted voltage tolerance ± 10 %
Rated speed 2900
Rated power P2 18.5 kW
Rated current 31.8 А
Insulation class F
Motor protection no
Fitting dimensions
Pipe connection on the suction side DN 100
Pipe connection on the pressure side DN 80
Nominal pressure 16
Pump housing EN-GJL-250
Impeller EN-GJL-200
Shaft 1.4122
Pipework material 1.4571 [AISI316Ti ]
Gasket material
Ordering data
Weight approx. 653.8 kg
Item number 2453281